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Friday, November 4, 2011

My Terrific Turkey!

Thanksgiving is near! We made Weston's annual handprint turkey a few days ago. His tail feathers have grown SO much since last year....Check it out!


I love you, my Terrific Turkey!!!! There is NOTHING that I am more thankful for than YOU!


As I've said many times on this blog, Weston & I have a lot in common - here's another of those things...


Scooty Bug is a candy connoisseur, seriously. He definitely knows a good candy when he sees one, and, despite his young age (ha!), there isn't a candy out there that he can't master! Here he is with one of our FAVES - Starburst - yummy!

Oh how I adore that cheesy face!

You are the BEST, Weston Scott Archer!

Blue Skies & Cooler Weather!

We have been having some BEAUTIFUL weather lately - low humidity, clear blue skies and cooler temps!!! Weston is LOVING being outside!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Devine Acres Pumpkin Patch!

Last Saturday, we took Pasta to the Devine Acres Pumpkin Patch. It was our first time to go there and we were very pleasantly surprised at all of the great things they had to offer! This big guy greeted us as we walked in. Weston got such a kick out of watching him slurp up his water as only a pig can do! OINK!

Next, we fed the ducks. The very first time Scooty reached his hand in, one of the ducks bit right down on his little fingers, but that didn't deter Weston at all!

This little piggy stole everyone's heart! What a sweetie! He pranced all around, swishing his adorably curly little tail. I seriously wanted to take him home with me!

And more ducks...

It's hard to see in this picture (the bright, bright sun made taking pics difficult) but this particular duck had quite the afro - hilarious.

One more look at "my" precious piggy just casually hanging out with his ducky friends! Want. Him.

On to the next adventure with Daddy...!

GOATS! These guys were something else! They went all kinds of crazy to get to the food. I think goats are adorable and had so much fun with these bad boys! Who could resist those long, droopy ears???? I could have fed them for hours. As usual, Weston had no fear and bravely held out his hand filled with feed.

Bailey and Cash liked them too! The sweet baby goat at the bottom of the pic was soooo darn cute!

I wanted to take him home too!

Next, we walked through the Christmas tree farm where we hope to pick out a live tree after Thanksgiving. They have over 15,000 trees to choose from - it was quite a sight! Bailey already has her eye on one in particular! We will definitely be going back to Devine Acres for Breakfast With Santa!

Then we set our sights on the park... Weston, of course, had the best view of all!!!

Just a swingin'...

Slidin' with Mommy!

There were goats throughout the park. This guy in the tree was particularly charming!

Grandpa and Delicious on the tubes! Super handsome!

How about some tether ball, Grandpa?

Getting a helpful hoist from Uncle Braydon!

Our next stop was the hayride. The three big boys were party poopers and didn't join us, but Bailey, Weston and I had loads of fun! Here we are waiting to board.

And we're off!

Gotta have some hayride snacks!

And lots of hayride smoochies!

Weston just soaked it all in..

One final hug before the ride was over.

I absolutely LOVE this picture of my baby and her baby.

Afterwards, it was time for Weston to demonstrate his artistic skills while painting his very own pumpkin!

Still showing definite signs of being a lefty...

Having SOOOOO much fun!

Then........Weston realized that he was "dirty". Hold the phones, people.....that precious grandson of mine has a real hangup about being "dirty". Hmmmm.........I wonder who he inherited that from???

Pasta was ready to wash his hands - PRONTO! Ahhhh, I so "get" him!

Wipes to the rescue! By the way, just LOOK at Weston's masterpiece of a pumpkin! He did such a GREAT job! That pumpkin now sits on Weston's nightstand and looks oh so cutie patootie in his room.

Bye-bye Devine Acres. See ya again next year when we will have FOUR people in this Archer family picture!!! WHOOP WHOOP!